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. Can I track my order?

If you have chosen our tracked service, you will receive an email with a tracking number

. Does Doop toothbrush come with a warranty?

Yes, we have included a lifetime warranty policy to show our commitment with Doop’s quality and our customers.

. Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we have implemented a 30-day full refund policy to allow customers to test and see if Doop suits them. Shall you feel that you wish to activate this policy, just get in touch with via

. Where are the orders shipped from?

Lisbon, Portugal

. Where is the company based?

Lisbon, Portugal

. My order is taking too long to arrive. What should I do?

Please, contact us via, Instagram or Facebook. We will attend your request within the shortest time possible

. My order arrived damaged. What should I do?

Please, contact us via, Instagram or Facebook. We will attend your request within the shortest time possible and try to get you a new one quickly

Product Characteristics

. Is the plastic free of BPA?


. How will I recycle the heads? My recycling service doesn’t recycle nylon.

The toothbrush head is the only part of the Doop toothbrush disposed during the five years’ time horizon considered in this study. Contrary to traditional toothbrushes, this toothbrush head was designed to be recycled. Shall you have any difficulties with recycling nylon, please do contact us directly and will provide support.

. How often should I change the brush head?

As per dentist recommendation, every three months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed. But, don’t forget that our bristles and cables are dishwasher safe.

. Will there be options to choose Soft, Medium, or Hard bristles?

Just soft bristles will be available, since they are the most recommended by dentists worldwide, we didn’t feel the need. Alongside this rationale we have picked DuPont Tynex® 612 Nylon Filament to assure best oral cleaning performance.

. Why Nylon Bristles?

Oral Health Foundation (2020) indicates that bristles “of the brush should be ‘end-rounded’ nylon filaments. Nylon has been preferable to natural bristle for some time due to better quality, size control and hygiene standards.

. Is this toothbrush dentist recommended?

Yes. We have been running tests with dentists across the globe and will have more dentists joining the team once we have a bigger volume to distribute. Also, we will invite them to give their testimonial on Doop.

. How does this stand up to an electric toothbrush?

In our first days we thought of doing an electric brush but sustainability-wise Doop would lose its DNA of creating the simplest and most effective sustainable toothbrush. By inserting electric components, the recyclable and sustainable sides would be severely hindered in our lifecycle analysis due to aspects such as metal extraction.

. Does Doop come in any other colours?

No. We want to maintain its minimalism and sustainable values. By including other colours we are directly creating more processes in development and production (more material would be needed).

. If Doop is black, do the bristles have charcoal?

No, we use state of the art bristles. By resourcing to DuPont Tynex® 612 Nylon Filament. “Tynex® 612 nylon filaments are not affected by chlorinated solvent.” Furthermore, they are resistant to attack by rodents, insects, and fungi. Also, our choice of DuPont’s bristles enables Doop to have an FDA compliant product, assuring the highest oral care standards.

. Where was the plastic taken from?

From daily objects (ie. Youghurt cups and straws) from the households. It is recovered through residential curbside collection.

. What is the process behind transforming plastic into a recycled and recyclable product?

The production of recycled polypropylene (r-pp) involves three main steps:

1. Recovery – Collection of postconsumer polypropylene;

2. Sorting – Sorting of polypropylene from other co-collected recovered materials (such as paper, steel, and aluminium);

3. Reclaimer Operations: Processing of postconsumer polypropylene by a reclaimer to convert the received material into clean recycled polypropylene ready for use in manufacturing.

. What are the product certifications available?

BPA Free, Recycled and recyclable FDA Approved Polypropylene.

. Is the product dishwasher safe?

Yes. You can run dozens of washing cycles and the product maintained the flexibility, colour and technical specifications.

. Why did you do a lifecycle report around Doop?

By focusing in eco-design we wanted to face all the greenwashing claims in the market. Doop advocates for all its claims through looking into a long period of usage by consumers whose impacts can be seen in our lifecycle report. This report works as a decision-making tool with a twofold impact: allowed us to understand real life impact of using Doop and enables us to initiate a conversion with potential consumers to showcase the benefits of switching to Doop. If you’d like to download this report, please fill the form below

. Where can you find us?

Besides our website you can find us on Instagram and facebook by searching for Doop toothbrush.

Working with us

. Are you interested in working with us?

Please email us at with your CV/Linkedin and with a small summary of your career.

. B2B and distribution enquiries?

Please email us at with quantities, business objective and other relevant information.